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Transition from Career to Retirement

Starts and Ends of Life - Current Discussion

Long Term Care Concerns

Getting Along with Your In-Laws

Cancer vs. Dementia - Hope vs. No Hope

Hobbies in Retirement

Read any good books?

How about Bill Broder's Taking Care of Cleo

Jobs in Retirement  - Current Discussion

Participation Sports in Retirement

Travel Ideas in Retirement

Best Places to Live in Retirement

Caregiving Your Spouse

On Downsizing

When to Stop Driving a Car

Getting Help with Maintaining the Home


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The fake cover above of Life, from a December, 1948 Crane, needs updating -- beyond the account of how Ken Herman photographed Kinnon Laverty, Val Rabe, Fred Smith, et al. after they'd helped construct a church hall in Detroit. Needed now are new inputs on topics of general interest to us old fogeys today, such as those suggested at left. The high aim is for this corner of the website? It's to become more participative about potentially mutual concerns that Walt lacks room to explore in his Class Notes. Our reflections on Life are ways to exchange perspectives while also leaving additional footprints in time. '49ers, it's definitely our turn. 

Send in a This-I-Believe statement and we'll put your picture here on a (fake) cover of Life or any other magazine of your choice.

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