C '49


"Oh, where is it, where has it all gone, my past, when I was young, chipper, clever, when I dreamed and thought with grace, when my present and my future, were lighted with hope?"

Character in Chekhov's Three Sisters

Milt Matter 

Milt Matter stands victorious in the Little Gym some 60 years ago. That was a good moment. But to return to Chekhov's theme, what now, elder '49er, about your good moments?
The following sketches begin to suggest that over the long haul each of us has gone on to win merriment and cleverness, dreams and thoughts with grace. Certain hopes have been fulfilled (whoever gets everything?). Obviously we're not the stuff of Chekhov tragedy; based on our journeys, there's strong value in a Cranbrook education.
Later sections refer to our group's kindredness at Cranbrook and after. In the opening 46 pages, however, the focus is less collective, more micro. The aim is to capture a bit of the past, present, and future of the individual '49er...