Tips of the Hat

● We suspect we must have a special place in the heart of the Alumni Office's Margi Brown.  That's because most cheerfully and thoroughly she goes out of her way to facilitate our reunions and '49er camaraderie. Thus for our 65th   as well as for past get-togethers   she: kindly provided needed addresses, Cranbrook Educational Community contacts, and documents; effectively booked a range of indoor and outdoor spaces; carefully arranged for all sorts of equipment; warmly greeted spouses as if they were all Kingswood girls; and generally treated us like Royalty.  

August 29, 2014

Maargi Brown 

● Three Hat Tips here:  First, to Bob Leister who forwarded the most recent contribution to our Homage link.  Bob received "The Funniest Master" during a Maine visit with Ben Snyder. Of course, long ago Ben should have been given a mammoth and keen Hat Tip for his unyielding and gracious support of our Class.  The author of the "The Funniest Master" is Jim Ewing, C '57, now an international business consultant in Port Townsend, Washington and a founder of that city's annual Film Festival. We grabbed this somewhat cinematic pic of him off the Festival's page on the web.

  February 15, 2011

Bob Leister 
Ben Snyder 
Jim Ewing C '57 
● Pete Simpson Jr. continues in his '49 father's tradition of bringing life to text.  Pete Jr. was recognized as a Notable Alumni of the U of WY for being a cast member of the New York City production of Blue Man Group. 
February 14, 2010
Pete Simpson, Jr.
● John Holdsworth wonders if we veterans of the Bloomfield Hills Experience owe an unrecognized debt to W. Brooke Stabler. Can it possibly be that the moralistic exhortations we were force-fed, via his 'Under the Tower' column, were in some way useful to us in building our lives' credos? Might they have actually helped us to become rather interesting human beings?  A terrifying thought, eh? September 24, 2010
W. Brooke Stabler 
● High appreciation to Lynne Whiteley Novy who responded to an invitation to prepare an extended Memory of her husband Fred here A psychotherapist and marriage-family counselor, Lynne must have had a great deal of fun writing Daring to Know What You Want and Other Simple Truths for its sections on Daring, Wondering, Choosing, Trusting, and Knowing are a joy for reading, pondering, and possibly re-orienting one's life. Twenty-five of her 60 stories directly feature Fred who (among other virtues) comes across as loving, wise, practical, lively, reasonably handy, and "a master of indirect communication."  Every year while managing a major San Francisco bank, Fred even enacted his own variant of our Bob Allis Day (chapter 7, 'Kissing the Ghost of Fun Good-bye').
August 20, 2010
Lynne Whiteley Novy 
● A mighty huzzah for Sally Landis Bohon K '50.  Back before this list of 'Hat Tips' was initiated, she was already boosting our Class. Not only did Jack's wife accomplish a 60th Reunion Slide Show here, provide new pictures for a Photo Gallery here, and give us Reunion Portraits here, but recently she's identified Kingswood girls in our Graduation Week photo here. Not least, via her outstanding alumnae columns in Tradition too, Sally brightly keeps us in the loop.
June 24, 2010
Sal Bohon 
● To Edward Hickcox, now at the University of Victoria in British Columbia, for letting us print his Roast of a former colleague.  "We all have our little skills. Some can make music, some can do seminal research, some can write novels. For whatever reason, I can write and deliver retirement talks. My colleagues lent themselves to satire. One of the roasts I gave during 20 years at the University of Toronto is here."  
May 26, 2010
Bill Shulevitz rightly is proud of his brilliant daughter Judith's The Sabbath World
April 5, 2010
Judith Shulevitz
● A standing ovation for Kathy Discenna, the Associate Director of Alumni Relations from 1988-2010.  Consistently Kathy has been a most caring, bright, energetic, innovative, and resourceful Friend of our Class. Happily for us, she says "I may see you '49ers in 2014."    April 2, 2010 Kathy Discenna
● A nod of thanks to John Holdsworth for a host of constructive suggestions for this site. His points have been integrated into the texts.
 March 29, 2010
John Holdsworth
A salute for Tony Butterfield for sending along this enrichment:
  I flew into the Detroit City Airport (not Willow Run) several years ago over downtown Detroit and it truly looks like these pics - like the Ghetto in Warsaw after the uprising.  Unbelievably sad. March 3, 2010

Also see Jack Bohon's 'On Growing Up in Detroit.'
Tony Butterfield
As James Joyce noted, "the past is consumed in the present and the present is alive only because it gives birth to the future." In that vein, we're beholden to Louise (Mrs. Ben) Lowell.  Across something like 40 or 50 years, for reunion receptions she has graciously opened the Lowell home house to '49ers. With food, drink, and her own caring vitality, Louise has strongly nurtured our gang's sense of its past, present, and future.
—  February 20, 2010
Louise Lowell
And most basically, profound acknowledgment to Walter Denison, our steady, dynamic, and enterprising Class Secretary. As John Hunting recently said, "I wish my Class of '50 had had somebody like Walt Denison to hold things together over the years. When you think about it, it's really a remarkable achievement." We '49ers do think about it, with gratitude.
—  February 20, 2010