Dick Tracy Returns
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Chapter titles  

The Sky Wreckers (29min 51s)

The Runaway of Death (16min 34s)

Handcuffed to Doom (16min 20s)

Four Seconds to Live (15min 39s)

Death in the Air (16min 35s)

Stolen Secrets (15min 23s)

Tower of Death (14min 34s)

Cargo of Destruction (16min 12s)

The Clock of Doom (16min 4s)

High Voltage (16min 15s)

The Missing Witness (15min 45s)

The Runaway Torpedo (15min 33s)

Passengers to Doom (16min 19s)

In the Hands of the Enemy (16min 30s)

G-Men's Drag-Net (16min 24s)

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Dick Tracy, Six Gangsters Square Off

Frank Werneken, Jr. always has been a man with a mission. Even as a prestigeheavy senior 15 years ago, he realized that something or other was lacking in Cranbrook's entertainment fare. Saturday night he got around to doing something about it. Before a dispassionate crowd of 147 moviegoers, the first installment of a Dick Tracy serial was unveiled.

During the 29+ minutes of this Republic Studios' re-release, a radio ranger
was conked on the head, three policemen were gassed and a couple of heavy-footed villains bit the dust. A nondescript G-man called Ronald was disposed of when a father of five gangster sons cut off the air supply to his iron lung. Square-jawed Tracy also wandered throughout several reels pining for Ronald, driving out to the city dump, personally taking up the case, locating a taxi driver who was a "key witness" and ramming his plane into a mountain for an almost certain death. At this point the script writers took stock of their work and gave up. Until the next week, at any rate.

Veterans of such serials say that hero Tracy will emerge none the worse for wear to complete the melodrama’s 13 scheduled chapters. A serious note was sounded by Fewjr, who warned that if the idea did not go over very well, he soon would cancel the series. In this event, some observers feel that students will become neurotic worrying about cliff-hanging Tracy and wondering if crime does or does not pay.

Be that as it may, next week: Chapter Two-The Runaway of Death. The
Crane offers a bag of popcorn and a hand-painted tie (painted by the editors) to the student who most graphically guesses how Tracy can get himself out of his current mess. Entries are due in the usual contest envelopes by tomorrow's curtain time, 7:30 p.m.

- The Crane, January 14, 1949