Parts of MOMENTS IN TIME:  Our Unexpected Goings-On

Mostly the Timeline below is culled from alumni columns written by ‘49 Class Secretary Denison.  With good nature and gusto, year in and year out, Walt resourcefully and importantly covered our post-secondary doings, e.g., stories, jobs, marriages, families, moves, accomplishments, meet-ups, sports, feelings about Cranbrook.  His work prompted us not only to think about our pasts but our presents and futures.

This selective chronicling short-changes all of us, especially the 45 classmates who’ve died or whom we’ve lost touch with. The quirky elements below are not intended to define the 22 of us who are still around.  Rather, the 22 snapshots suggest that life has led to diverse surprises for C ‘49ers.  Back at Commencement, when we imagined lifetimes of interesting choices, who’d have thought we’d find ourselves in situations like these?


Mid 1950s

After 4 Years of Cranbrook French,

F. Smith studies at German university

Early 1960s

Leister: “I’ll stay in Education, if kids

at my next school are keen to learn”


Mid 1960s

Spoehr rents office beside

Denison’s office


Ex-Michigander Don Jones recommends Florida’s opportunities


Late 1960s

Simpson accepts award from

Colonial Dames


Early 1970s

Maxwell drives 2.5 hours to work on Wall Street


Mid 1970s

Rice is seven times a father


Townsend settles in Canada


Late 1970s

Truettner weighs downsizing:

"Soon my kids will all be educated"


Early 1980s

Broder co-authors Remember This Time with wife Gloria


Late 1980s

Within 1 year Haymans golfs 150 times on 'monster' course


Early 1990s

Balz picks Breck to officiate at his marriage to Susan


Mid 1990s

Denison grows concerned over Cranbrook governance


Late 1990s

Osnos cheers reunioners who more or less are sentient



Early 2000s

A. Smith raises funds for Pearl Harbor memorial


 Mid 2000s

Shuievitz competes with ‘49ers

for having the most grandkids



Late 2000s

Laverty takes up trumpet, fly fishing


Holdsworth lives next door to one of his children


Early 2010s

Clark: “Most unexpected gift

of God Is my wife Kathleen”



Mid 2010s

Widower Tal Jones reunites with

first love/widow Jean Brown K ‘49er



Late 2010s

Bernstein regularly volunteers

at Phoenix International


“Muscles” Macomber is another ‘49er whose size of waist has changed.