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Jack Spoehr's Borrowed Wisdom:



Howie Yule, who taught Spanish at Cranbrook, gave us an assignment at one point in which we were to write a 1/2 or full page discussing the idea that la cara es espejo del alma. - the face is the mirror of the soul.  I know that no person should be judged based on his/her face [Socrates was famously ugly]. To so judge is pure prejudice. Yet I find that I do so differentiate, especially when the kissers of some of both parties' politicians hit the screen. My instinct tells me that these guys are smug, smooth, self-satisfied, and arrogant.  They register as greedy little people with a lot of money and power.  They repel me. They forget that they are bags of wet dust.


Howie's right, I think. The face IS the mirror of the soul.

I forgot what I got on his paper.


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Lessons Learned