Cranbrook Class of 1949

Jack Spoher


Real interest in other people forms the keynote of Jack’s character. There is no personal problem too small for the Towers prefect kindly attention. Jack has definite ideas of ethics, Christianity and tolerance and demonstrates them in his daily life. Lower School days found him playing soccer, and this love has grown year by year. A spirited competitor, his enthusiasm has gone a long way as a team morale builder. “The inquiring philanthropist” has lent a helping hand to almost all the major activities, and held the chairmanship of the Church Cabinet. Jack would like to study anthropology and natural history, but he says he tends toward the ministry.


S Senior Prefect, Ergasterion 3-4, Glee Club 5-6, Christmas Pageant 5-6, Crane 5, Church Cabinet 5, Chairman 6, “C” Club 4-5-6, Soccer 4-5-6, United World Federalist 6


1949 Brook Biography