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September 2017
Fred Smith 

Fred Smith 2015
1949 Brook Biography
2009 Biography
Greetings from Fred Smith at the 60th
Greetings from Fred Smith
at the 65th
Moments I Still remember

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What did he do? - Law Librarian
Where did he study after Cranbrook? - Colgate, Yale & U of MI
Where do he and Pompea live? -
      Their home and pool has been in southern California
In an informal and small poll of faculty back in '49, Fred was
      voted for what? - Among our three Most Dependable

Fred and Pompea Smith 2018

  "With two of my favorite people — with Frederick E. Smith and Pompea Smith at Calabasas Farmers Market." - Lily Prigioniero - Facebook - February 17, 2018