Classmate of the Month
 June 2018
John Holdsworth

Johm Holdsworth

John, what’s your take on Fellow-49ers?

      “I’ve found myself comparing my classmates’ levels of complexity to the thinking in other groups I’m involved with. My Cranbrook fellows always come out ahead.”

Do you have a Benefit-of-Hindsight story?

     “I sang in Iolanthe, but Cranbrook offered us an extraordinary number of other opportunities. Like being in Ergasterion, the Model Airplane Club, or the Rifle Club. If I’d ventured and participated more, the School would have left even more of a positive mark on me.”

What are you reading nowadays?

     “Dan Ellsberg’s early work on Utility Theory…Sometimes when I debate with friends about E.T. Jaynes’ Probability Theory: The Logic of Science, I exaggerate my points. One of my self-fictions is that I exaggerate to provoke others’ thinking and my own.”

And how’s your life going today?

    “When I was working, I always tried to score a touchdown or a first down. Success on the job always was good for the ego. Now I avoid stressing myself like that. I relax and I’m happier. I sing bass calmly in the church’s choir. I’m a Third Assistant Sunday School Teacher. I enjoy talking with neighbors when walking around the neighborhood. I’ve shrunk in height and lost weight – I’m a sleek 170… Overall, though, in an observation attributed to W.C. Fields, if I knew I was going to live this long, I’d have taken better care of myself..”

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