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 December 2017
David Osnos

1949 Brook Biography
2009 Biography

What he did Spring/Summer 1956?

Graduated from Harvard Law. Took the bar. Began working as the 7th lawyer at Arent Fox. (Later he served as Chair of that firm’s Executive Committee, one that  now oversees nearly 300 lawyers.)    Also back then Dave married Glenna. (Their two children and their families now live nearby)

Principal areas of legal activity
Real estate, tax, securities, corporate, estate planning, and sports law.

What Congressional Record says?
Dave’s advice “has been sought out by the movers and shakers…(He) has touched our community with his legal brilliance, his high ethical standards and integrity, and his kind, gentle nature, which has enabled him to be effective as a force for change and action.” 
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Left Detroit for What?
“Don’t get me wrong. [New York is] fun to be there for business, it’s fun to be there for pleasure. But especially in the winter when you’re in those dark canyons, it can be depressing.  Washington is a low-rise city. The streets are wide and the buildings aren’t that tall. Which means there’s plenty of light. And I’m one of those people who believe light affects your mood. And so I love this city for that reason.”
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“Osnos is the antithesis of the typical New York lawyer who tries to dominate the room with blusters and threats and demands for the sun, knowing his client would be happy with the moon. ‘With David,’ says Bruce Parmley of Hogan & Hartson, ‘it's never about him. It's never about outsmarting the other guy or getting the last nickel. It's always about making sure that everyone walks away feeling they got what they most wanted and what they were entitled to.'  
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Words of Wisdom, here 

Glenna Osnos
Glenna Osnos