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 November 2017
Jim Truettner

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What did his Geology master's and his work with Mobil and Dow lead to?

Jim became a Partner at William Blair, in charge of global investment management. Retired at 75.

Where does he now live?

Jim moves seasonally from a log-cabin home outside of Libertyville, Illinois to homes in Vero Beach, Florida and Pebble Beach, California


How many fellow grads of his  Class of '53 at Williams live nearby and meet-up periodically?



How many kids? 

Four kids, 18 grandkids


How good is he at golf? 

According to one of his Williams buddies, "Jim is still is a master at this devilish sport."  He also still fly-fishes

Sometime after his wife, Jane, died in 2010, Jim married Karen, a close family friend.  "Life is great!" he says.

Jane Truettner obituary