View from the Tower 
The Class in Five-Year Bites 
Back where it all began, the campus in springtime makes for a wonderful reunion.

And we are all young again...although, in youngster Martin Amis' phrase about our generation, we've been slowly growing into our "masks of bark and walnut...looking like young people who had been around far too long."  

Sorting through the time capsule below is like watching a motion picture in reverse: the confident smiler at the 65th is the wistful ‘49er at the 60th Reunion, who in turn is the focused grandfather at the 55th, the jubilant soul at the 50th, the no-show at the 45th, and the lean bean at the 40th.  Bonus: Unofficial group photos of the 35th Reunion in Lowell's backyard.


Official Class Photo 2014 

Back Row: (all wearing ties à la 1949): Pete Simpson, Dick Townsend, Walt Denison

Front Row: (in business casual dress à la 2014): Dave Osnos, Jack Bohon, Tom Clark

Official Class Photo without Bill Shulevitz   

Unofficial Class Photo 2014

Unofficial (later) Photo with Bill Shulevitz

Photo by Kathleen Clark 

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Before the official photographer snaps his shutter and as part of a Salute to her, Tom Clark hugs the Class Friend & 100% Supporter Kathy Discenna. Jack Spoehr then kicked-off our singing of several rounds of  'For she's a jolly good Lady.'


  Cranbrook Class of 1949 - 60th Reunion

Back Row: Pete Simpson, Tom Peterson, Dick Townsend, Harry Hatton, Jim Biggers, Jack Gordon, Tony Butterfield

Front Row: Milt Matter, John Rice, Dave Osnos, Bill Shulevitz, Bob Leister, Jack Bohon, Jack Spoehr, Walt Denison, Tom Clark, Bill Whitfield


How was it that all our wearers of khaki pants ended up in one part of just one row?


More photos from the 60th


60th b&w   60th sepia
Same guys, without the distraction of natural color. Does the stark contrast of the black-and-white picture enhance the subject matter artistically?  Does the sepia shot give our Reunion gang a more historic feel? 

Back row: Peggy (Gilfillan) Cole, Imogene (Powrie) Schley , and Janet (Frost) Victor
    Middle row: Val (Kallin) Soxman , Connie (Clark) Jones, Joyce (Woofenden) Chesbrough
Sally (Laughlin) Kehren - Class Secretary, Molly (Sylvester) Beresford, and Mary Rose (Raider) Schaler

    Front row: Carol (Lombard) Afarian, Jeanne Brown K'49 now Jean (Brown) Jones, aka Mrs. Talcott Jones C'49 and Alice (Spero) March

Look who grabbed 'our' sign. She sang with John Rice at our Class Dinner for our 40th.

Here's a hypothesis: because men's hairs and faces undergo more change than women's, these ladies look more like their '49 selves than us '49 guys. 


55th Reunion 

Back Row: Milt Matter, Dick Townsend, Dick Breck, Bill Shulevitz, Tom Tomlinson

Middle Row: Val Rabe, Jim Biggers, Pete Simpson, Jack Bohon, Bob Luther

Front Row: Harry Hatton, Jack Spoehr, Bill Saunders, Tom Clark, Walt Denison, Bob Leister


50th Reunion

Back Row: Dick Breck, Pete Simpson, Tom Peterson, Bill Macomber, Bob Beyers, Val Rabe

Middle Row: Tony Butterfield, Tom Tomlinson, Bill Shulevitz, Walt Denison, Art Webb, John Rice, Jim Biggers, Milt Matter

Front Row: Dick Townsend, Jack Spoehr, Ben Lowell, Bill Whitfield, Bob Leister, Tom Clark


One ‘49er’s Commencement Address by Pete Simpson, June 11, ‘99


More photos from the 50th


45th Reunion

Back Row: Bob Leister, Dick Breck, Pete Simpson, Ben Lowell, Walter Denison

Middle Row: Judy (Tucker) Hooker, Sue (Nolte) Dunham, DeLayne (DeYoung) Rogers

Front Row: Joyce (Woolfenden) Chesbrough, Imogene (Powrie) Schley, Nancy (Shore) Gilchrist, Tally (Card) Williams


What was going to happen in subsequent Class pictures so there'd be no more ivy behind us on the walls of Marquis Hall?


40th Reunion 

40th Reunion

Photo by Sal Bohon


Back Row center: Dick Breck.  Back Row right: Bill Saunders

Middle Row: ?,?, John Albrecht '47, Lars Angstrom '47,  Ron Ballantyne, Dave Osnos, Bob Leister, Dick Townsend, Val Rabe
Front Row:  Ben Lowell, Milt Matter, Dave Seeber, Jack Bohon, John Rice, Jack Spoehr, Bill Whitfield

Among the Absentees in this Photo: Toby Maxwell, the Year's Commencement Speaker.

If anyone can definitely identify the first and second men at the left of the Middle Row, please contact the webmaster.

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35th Class Reunion
Photos by John Kasich C '47

35th Reunion #1

35th Reunion #2




No official Class pictures were taken on the Page Steps before 1989, when a newly arrived Kathy Discenna started the process.


May, 1949 May, 1949

And here, brought back by popular demand from May, 1949, are 82% of our troops.

In the idiom of today, the absent 12 didn't get the memo.


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