Cranbrook Class of 1949

Entered Form I I

Bob Leister


In five effervescent years at Cranbrook, Bob has bubbled over with school spirit twenty-four hours of every day.  A "do or die" winner of countless varity letters, big Bob is a follower of many sports and perpetualy mananges to show it, come game time, be getting all muddied up, no matter how dry the field.Cpvering "spot passes" rather than "spot passages" appeals to him, though his above average marks testify to hard work.  In recognition of his leadership and ardent participation, Bob served as Page senior prefect this year.  The responsibility was easily carried on his broad shoulders.


Senior Prefect, Church Cabinet 6, Glee Club 6, Christmas Pageant 6, Rifle Club 2-3-44-5-6, Servers Guild 5-6, Radio Club 3,  "C" Club 3-4-5, Vice President 6, Football 3-5, Captain 6, Hockey 5-6, Track 4,5,6




1949 Brook Biography