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You're cordially invited to write answers to the test about our troops. Will the 2004 and the 2009 The ReNEWed Crane(s) and The ReNEWed Yearbook be covered on this quiz?  No, only later material posted on this website.
    Answers appear after the picture below.



a)  Every year after Cranbrook, who went downtown to enact his own variant of Bob Allis Day? 

b)  Every Cranbrook day, we were reminded that better than being rich or strong is being what?

c)  Which '49er worked with the National Park Service?

d)  Which was our last reunion with ivy growing up on the walls of Marquis Hall?

e)  Who won a Chamber of Commerce Award for Community Involvement?

f)   Who won a Ford Foundation grant?

g)  Who sandbags?

h)  After Batson v. Kentucky?  Who cares?

i)   "Tho' eyes grow dim, tho' strength be passed, yet we," Then what?

j)    Who said, "Love you Dad, but in a guy way, you know"?



a. Fred Novy (Memory by his wife Lynne)

b. Beloved of many friends (Foot Rally mention of Friendship Arch)

c. Army Smith (60th Yearbook Biosketch)

d. Our 40th (caption in Class in Five-Year Bites)

e. Jim Gaeckle (article about his life in California newspaper)

f.  Bob Leister (Leisters Celebrate Six Decades of Memories)

g. Gunther Balz (as depicted in Sports Illustrated article)

h. Breck (Academic Throws)

i. Till life is done shall ever cherish Thee (Hymn, School Songs)

j. "Two '49ers Take on '09er's Yearbook"  (an '09er commenting on his father, as quoted in an essay comparing the two classes' Yearbooks)

C '49er