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Cranbrook Class of 1949 Online Reunion: Notes on Our Classmates' Adventures

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Arthur E. Webb 10/7/16
Milton Matter Jr.
John P. Lewis
John W. Bohon

Where did we go . . . for more formal learning?
(Two listicles)

Where are the answers to the crossword puzzle in the
special 60th Reunion online edition of The ReNEWed Brook ?
(they were lost in the C1949.org archives)


      Tony Butterfield Memorial Card 

“Sarah Butterfield sent me a copy of Tony’s memorial card bearing the caption "Celebrating A Life Well Lived". It is a marvelous picture of him in his boat with his usual big smile. It is reminiscent of the picture of Ben Lowell that we published in which he is in his boat, as Ben Snyder said at his memorial "going full out." I often say I don't know anyone who has a better life than me and it is good to see that others feel the same way about theirs.” 

 Walter Denison – Fall 2016 Tradition Class of 1949 Class Notes

Want to well-wish an old friend on his Birthday?             Here's when.

Class of 1949


Saturday History Forum

Jack Bohon
See Walt's Class Notes
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Saturday History Forum
Pete Simpson


65th Reunion


What Really Happened at Our 65th

Here are assorted accounts of our June, 2014 experience, a reunion that was small but special. Look at the texts and the photos to discover why.         





What Happened at Our 60th

This section brings together aspects of June 2009's meet-up.  At left is a backyard scene from Louise Lowell's magnificent Reception.





The ReNEWed Brook The ReNEWeCrane

This special 60th Reunion online edition of The ReNEWed Brook has 50+ refinements to the published edition.

Remember the 55th Reunion's The ReNEWed Crane?


Main updates to February '09 version:

Campus Photos...We Step Forward...

Army Smith...Back in the Day



We Reune, 2004 - 1969

Mementos from our assembling, joining in food and drink, sharing stories, retrieving meanings in our pasts, and finding new meanings for our futures.




Gateway of Friendship

Eulogies, Memories and Obits

After a '49er friend dies, a small consolation can be in celebrating what made him special to us. Attention here is paid to our deceased classmates.


To supplement this list, send your Memory/Eulogy here.

Gaeckle, Breck, Denison


More Doings Across the Years

We move from young whippersnappers to wise elders.



Classmate postal addresses are posted on

the secure Cranbrook website alumni page



Oh, the (Media) Places We've Been 


Please forward to your webmasters links to other media appearances of yourself or of other '49ers. Don't be bashful we're hoping to bring together at least one piece about each of our classmates. Give us a turn on the kaleidoscope of Niner lives.  Does not every dog have his day?



Academic Throws: A Sampling 



As found at http://scholar.google.ca/


School Songs

School Songs    





The Year 1949

It was near the peak of the American century.  Average annual salary in the U.S. when we graduated: less than $3,000.  After many years of misery through a depression and World War II, postwar prosperity is starting to get underway with companies now able to supply the cars, televisions, and the other goods demanded in a consumer society.  

Reunion 2014


Towards the Year 2019 Reunion


Are 70th Reunions the Last Reunions?





Don't miss:







TWO '49ers TAKE ON '09ers' YEARBOOK




Class of 1949

Cranbrook School

Bloomfield Hills, MI


The Class in

Five Year Bites

A Master Honored

Ben Snyder now and then 

Ben Snyder - Honorary Alumnus
August 2, 2014



- More of RB's Sketchbook here



Have we really aged this much over time?  

  If so, among other things, we can acknowledge a bit of our shared past. We can retrieve happy memories, And we can feel good about each other’s subsequent doings.
  Usually when everyday links disappear, the far-way person practically ceases to exist. To counter that complete falling-off each other's radar, this website offers virtual links. It's a one-stop shop for C'49.

  And if mediums are to be believed, souls who pass over to the Other Side typically look and act as they did on Earth, when they were at their physical peak. Conceivably then, after we die, astrally we might still have something of the rousing spirit Milt and the rest of us had in '49.

Milt the Master
For more on this, see p. 11 in The ReNEWed Brook here.  
The Rector of Justin

by Louis Auchincloss


Louis Auchincloss 
Summary HERE 
'49er Review(s) HERE


Recent Hat Tip

We suspect we must have a special place in the heart of the Alumni Office's Margi Brown.

That's because most cheerfully and thoroughly she goes out of her way to facilitate our reunions and '49er camaraderie. 


Margi Brown 





Alumni court


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It is worth the trip!




Catch a taste of life at  
Cranbrook today
in a review of the

Brook Woodwinds


"Two '49ers' Take

on '09er's Yearbook"


C/K 2009

C/K 2009


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for School news

Cranbrook Named SMART Showcase School of the Year

Coed studying in 'our' inglenook.

 Once the whale spit him out onto the shore after three days and nights, the Jonah of our famous Carl Milles Fountain changed his ways. He went forward to preach, no longer hesitant about passing on his strong suggestions to others. 

   A little bit similarly, though you haven't been spit out by a whale, you're invited to change your ways and start speaking up strongly about what you'd like to see at this site. 

here to pass on suggestions — critical or benign, big or small, simple or complex, new or old-hat, cheap or break-the-bank expensive. 

    While everything here is improvable, please be nice.

Remember Jane?
Jane Russell

The School's Saturday night movie did not include relatively pornographic The Outlaw, but somehow we all knew about the breasts and legs of Jane Russell.  John Holdsworth remembers: "Those were kinder, gentler, purer times when we considered The Outlaw as being at the outer limits of daring cinematography. We have NOT traveled up hill since then."
Watch The Outlaw again at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fR4K-6b2rxY


 Barbara Townsend   Kathleen Clark


Barbara and Kathleen, wives of co-webmasters Townsend & Clark. Dick and Tom remember Temp Licklider's claim, from the James M. Barrie play in Fifth Form English, that "What every woman knows is that she must never allow her man to realize that she is helping him, but must allow him to think it is his own intelligence and ingenuity that are getting him on."

Kathleen Denison

All items on this website are copyright protected. May be used with permission of the '49 Class Secretary Denison who married Kathleen.


More Than a
School Year


   As FWB used to say,
  "Take out a pencil and sheet of paper, and write the following test" here.

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